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Spice Drawer Redo

My spice drawer got out of control. Slowly at first, but it picked up speed, and suddenly chaos.

The Legend of FU Chicken

I can’t believe I haven’t done my roast chicken yet. It is one of my favorite meals in the world. Right up there with steak, potatoes, and an arugula salad, if I ever am on death row. Anyhow. In our family my roast chicken… Continue Reading “The Legend of FU Chicken”

Country Breakfast

I’ve probably posed about this before, but anyone who reads this, or has met me, knows that I love me some breakfast. Today we had a lovely slow Sunday morning.

Meal Kit Service

So we did a meal kit service because we got a coupon from a friend, and I think if we used it, they got a benefit of some sort. A few things stand out. We are not their prime demographic. The food was okay.… Continue Reading “Meal Kit Service”


So I work from home. I am a writer who only travels to the mothership four times per year. I also live in a rather remote area, with only a couple of places to get lunch. We’re on a health kick at our house… Continue Reading “Lunches”

I love you

Coffee. Another household quirk is that whenever you hand a cup of coffee to another person, the correct response is I love you. Of course, then you clarify that you were talking to the coffee. So generally we drink a pot in the morning,… Continue Reading “I love you”

Maker Monday and Table 21

Yesterday was an orientation for MakeICT. I am not a full member, just a guest of the Husband, so we decided to rectify that. In order to be a member, you have to attend the orientation, take a tour, and then over the course… Continue Reading “Maker Monday and Table 21”

Granola is a scam.

I’m cheap. And I like granola and yogurt. It seems like you get the tiniest amount of granola in those boxes and bags. So, I made my own.

Guest Star and Cooking

So last weekend, we tried to shock the well – we failed – but we still didn’t have water. We went to my parents’ house to spend the night, and my mother and I cooked together. Mediterranean Pork and Orzo, and a chocolate soufflĂ©.… Continue Reading “Guest Star and Cooking”

Making Healthy Eating Easier

So last week the grocery store had chicken breasts on sale. We can’t eat them all quickly enough to make a family pack worthwhile, and I’m terrible at remembering to pull out chicken early enough to unfreeze it before cooking. So I set about… Continue Reading “Making Healthy Eating Easier”