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Beef Jerky

So the Husband wanted to make beef jerky. I picked up some seasoning at the feed store and eye of round at the grocery store. it ended up being sooo simple.

Preserving Lemons

One way to brighten a dish is to add preserved lemons. They are ridiculously simple and pack a punch. They keep in the fridge for months. Start with a small jar, two lemons and salt. Many recipes are for large jars, but we don’t… Continue Reading “Preserving Lemons”

So. Many. Tomatoes.

Last weekend was moving day for old fruits and vegetables. I made tomato paste, canned some, made applesauce, and orange smoothie cubes. It was quite the extravaganza.

Remember the Ristra

So if you have been around, you may have read how to make a ristra in ten steps (November 2017). Well, I got around to dealing with it while cleaning the mud room to prepare for planting seedlings.

Making Healthy Eating Easier

So last week the grocery store had chicken breasts on sale. We can’t eat them all quickly enough to make a family pack worthwhile, and I’m terrible at remembering to pull out chicken early enough to unfreeze it before cooking. So I set about… Continue Reading “Making Healthy Eating Easier”

Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps 

On our epic trip back from Colorado, we came across a roadside farm stand with chilis, so *of course* we stopped and got a half-bushel.  We got home and now what? We cooked with them, we roasted and froze some of them, and still… Continue Reading “Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps “