Making a Chili Ristra in 10 Easy Steps 

On our epic trip back from Colorado, we came across a roadside farm stand with chilis, so *of course* we stopped and got a half-bushel.  We got home and now what? We cooked with them, we roasted and froze some of them, and still more peppers.

So, we make ristras. 

Step 1: Look up how to make them on Pinterest.

Step 2: Teach self how to make slip knots.

Step 3. Tie ristra using slip knots just like Pinterest tells you do. Swear lots. Fight for string with cats. Move operation outdoors.

Step 4. Taunt kitten with string from porch.

Step 5. Finish Ristra using Pinterest method. Swear. 

Step 6. Show husband. Watch chilis fall from ristra.

Step 7. Is it too early for booze? Oh wait, I’m on antibiotics so no booze.

Step 8. Fuck Pinterest. I’m doing it my way. Plain old knots.

Step 9. Teach husband slip knots and listen to him swear as it doesn’t work for him either.

Step 10. Hang in sunny place.

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