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Preserving Lemons

One way to brighten a dish is to add preserved lemons. They are ridiculously simple and pack a punch. They keep in the fridge for months. Start with a small jar, two lemons and salt. Many recipes are for large jars, but we don’t… Continue Reading “Preserving Lemons”

My Pretty Lunch

I made a salad today with the beets from our box. A little labor intensive, but good. Started with a beet, three mushrooms, and a shallot. Sliced the mushrooms and diced the beet and shallot. Roasted the beets and shallots in olive oil, salt,… Continue Reading “My Pretty Lunch”

Misfits Market-Part 4

So, I didn’t quite get what I ordered from Misfits Market, but it wasn’t too far off. Kale instead of chard, beets instead of celery, and a different kind of apples. That’s the nature of boxes like these. You don’t always get exactly what… Continue Reading “Misfits Market-Part 4”

Delicata Squash Frittata

We got two delicata squashes in our box this week. I did a bit of research, and a lot of the recipes seemed to involve roasting and pork products. There was a frittata that looked pretty good, so I decided to make a squash/Italian… Continue Reading “Delicata Squash Frittata”

Kale Chips

I got kale in my vegetable box. We are not huge kale eaters, except for kale chips. They are easy enough.

Misfits Market – Part 3

I was always a bit skeptical of the Sunday delivery date. So on Sunday I looked at the expected delivery date and it was Tuesday. No biggie, holiday weekend and all that. Looked again this morning to grab a photo for this, and yay!… Continue Reading “Misfits Market – Part 3”

Peanut Butter

One of the things we make for ourselves is peanut butter. It’s pretty easy, and makes good peanut butter without the preservatives and such. First buy a boatload of peanuts on Amazon, or wherever you buy your stuff. We get ten pounds at a… Continue Reading “Peanut Butter”

Good Puppy

How it started…

Book 2 – Why We Can’t Sleep

My Gen-X friends should read this.

Getting Started With Chickens – Eggs

So you’re a few months in and starting to wonder then these ladies will start to earn their keep. All the books say four months. In my experience, it’s more like six months. Not sure if it is something we are doing wrong, but… Continue Reading “Getting Started With Chickens – Eggs”