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Broody Chicken Update

Last time I reported that Summer was sitting on five eggs. She now has at least nine. We are looking at a hatch date anywhere from the 14th through the 21st at this point. Her back is a little worn because of the affections…

Coop Dreams

So in my earlier post, I couldn’t find the book with the plans for our original coop. Our library is a shambles. But, I spied with my little eye a yellow spine. This had really good plans, and they were adaptable. The chicks are…

Carry On My Wayward Peep

So, it was a bit of a goat rodeo getting the peeps from the pen to their brooder, because it was too damn hot to finish the coop. The front door for the pen is not great, so it was held together by zip…

Coop Four

So we had our three coops, and were working on a fourth for the peeps. Well, we got the fourth done and it is quite the palatial crib. We learned some things along the way. And made some changes to the design. First of…

Checking In with the Peeps

The peeps are having a day in the pen. More room than the brooder, and we aren’t *quite* finished with their coop.

Busy Little Bees

We decided to check the bees and do our final feeding. We have a laggy hive that we still feed. Well, Hive 1 is two years old. We put a super on this spring. No action in the super. Not sure what to do…

New Family

We have a new family on the block. Although they come back every year, so it’s not really new.

Three coop family.

We currently have three chicken coops. We are going to need a bigger boat. With 20-odd new chicks we were hurting for space, we love the coop the Husband built, but we decided on a few tweaks,

Weekly Wildflowers

We have a lot of wildflowers. A lot. It may not look it from the picture, but we do have a lot.

Farmers Market

One of the two things I miss most with the quarantine are hugs from my parents and farmers markets. The Husband and I are a good self-contained unit, but I miss my parents. We are working towards self-sufficiently but aren’t there yet. Not everything…