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The Quarter of Suck

So, as I mentioned before, it’s been a rough few months. A cancer diagnosis (a good kind), a lost job. Well, things have not necessarily looked up.

Sooo… Niblet.

I’ll get into how we got here in a later post, but I’d like to introduce our new grandkid, Niblet. So, last Friday, we arranged to purchase a pregnant Nigerian Dwarf. We went to pick her up on Sunday, and she was no longer… Continue Reading “Sooo… Niblet.”

Spoiler Alert: I do not have COVID.

Scene: Home office in rural Kansas, a middle aged woman coughs softly. 3 a.m. Kate: Son of a bitch! This is why I don’t talk to people. Bedroom, 3:15. K: uh, honey? I have COVID. H: Huh? COVID? Cut to downstairs as our heroine… Continue Reading “Spoiler Alert: I do not have COVID.”

Poultry Updates

Update 1: The Roostering So last fall we lost our rooster in the fall. Likely to a coyote. So we figured we’d have to get a new Roo. I went to the auction to pick up a new Roo or two.

Accountability Post

So now that I’m a lady of leisure (for the moment), I’ve got to figure out what to do next. There are things I have to do every day, and things I should do X times a week. There are also larger projects to… Continue Reading “Accountability Post”

Pregnant or Fat, Final Round

Today was the day! We got up early to take Ivy to the vet to see if she was pregnant. Pretty huh? Pretty early.

New Hobby Alert!

So while I was doing some embroidery at the makerspace and there was downtime. They had a quilling set there. It’s really cool. As close to meditation as I can get. It requires attention, but not thought. Because me and meditation? Well.

Dinner Planning

So, we started doing Hello Fresh again. It is good for when we need it. I started going to the gym on a regular basis this fall, which led to a challenging schedule. I’d get off work, go to the gym, work out, come… Continue Reading “Dinner Planning”

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

So yeah, 2023 has not been stellar. First we get a (minor, but still) cancer diagnosis. Now I’m back in the job market. Boo. The good news is that I have lots of time for projects? Let’s do a quick roll call on our… Continue Reading “The Hits Just Keep On Coming”

Well, Crud. Wear Your Sunscreen, People.

Wear your sunscreen. Work gave us the entire week between Christmas and New Years Day off. So being the responsible adult that I am, I scheduled all of those appointments I’d been putting off. At my checkup with my PCP, I asked for a… Continue Reading “Well, Crud. Wear Your Sunscreen, People.”