Chicken Omelettes

So we started saving eggs for our farm stand (fancy name for fridge on porch). But, alas, it took a bit to start getting a clientele. So we were left with a gross of eggs in our fridge. Most of them OK, but I’m not going to sell OK eggs. I’m selling the fresh ones.

So what to do with the ridiculous number of eggs? Chicken omelettes!

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Just Super!

The dandelions are blooming which means one thing, time to stop feeding the bees for the winter.

They have callery pear and apple trees are blooming, and we have daffodils. S food enough for the bees.

Since the one remaining hive really did well over the winter, we went ahead and put on a super. That means honey for us!!!

Dear lord I hate the smell of callery pears. Ugh. What I want to do is put in a row of autumn blaze maples.

But I do love daffodils. They are so happy, and they mean spring is on the way.