Waconda Forever

It’s been a week. Had a cold, which in this time of stupid pandemic tricks, is terrifying. But never had a fever, just chills and sweats and general crappiness. So we went to Lake Waconda for my birthday.

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Czech it Out

For my birthday, we are doing another COVID-19 conscious road trip.

We set out mid afternoon and promptly got stopped by a train.

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Re-Making MakeICT

I belong to a cool nonprofit that is a community of makers. Last year, we bought an old elementary school as our new building. There was a lot of work to be done. We have some bumps in the road because of COVID-19 and cash flow, but we are making lots of progress.

*night images from Malissa Long

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Weekend Rummikub

So during the quarantine, my sister and my mom have been playing a game of spite and malice every day.

A couple of mo this ago we added a Sunday game of Rummikub. Rummikub is a family favorite. During a Rummikub game, one of my favorite family phrases was introduced.

When you are trying to make a move and need to move tiles, but ultimately you cannot, it is “Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” or just “rearranging the deck chairs.

But in any case, we each have a Rummikub app, and call each other on FaceTime.

It provides a good chance to catch up with each other and the rest of the family.

Book 26

The 7 ½ deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. An interesting premise. Guy wakes up with no memory, and must solve a murder. Eight times. Each one the same day. Sort of a murder mystery plus Groundhog Day. Interesting premise, but it sort of falls apart at the end.

Today’s Tart

One of the things I like to do on Saturday is go to the farmer’s market. Then I make a tart with some of the produce.

This week, we have tomatoes, pea shoots, and arugula.

I use Schaer puff pastry. It’s the only gluten free puff pastry I’ve found.

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Finishing the Lockers

If you recall, we bought some lockers at MakeICT a few months ago. Many things came up and they sat unfinished by the Quonset Hut.

We have a few more to finish. We start with one like this.

Then the Husband grinds off the rust and paint.

Once the metal is cleaned up, we paint. The Husband’s first is blue for dangerous chemicals. Mine will be red and used for egg/honey sales materials.

Here is the final blue one.

In our messy, messy Quonset hut.

Also, how cute is our pupper?

Egg Cache

For a couple of weeks, I wasn’t getting as many eggs as I thought I should. Not sure if it was hot, cold, wet, dry, whatever that was making them not lay.

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Pickled Radishes

There were some lovely radishes today at the farmer’s market this morning.

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So one of our favorite restaurants in Wichita is Sabor. Our favorite thing at Sabor is the plantain chips.

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