Hydroponics-Take Two

So that didn’t work…

It started well, but as of today, this is all I have.

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Book 9

A weird, lyrical book.

Book 8 – Isaac’s Storm

Book 8 was about the 1900 Galveston hurricane. Scary.

ELearning Challenge – Timelines

In this installment of the eLearning Heroes Challenges, we are making a timeline for something.

My brain went immediately to a timeline for Ged, the main character in the Wizard of Earthsea books. These books were my favorite when I was a little kid, and the first books where I grasped symbolism… maybe that’s why I was (among other things) an English major.

I began by finding a map on Pinterest.

I wanted some blank space to add my text, so I used a color matching website to get the exact color of the border of the picture.

I added a timeline and a title, matching the secondary colors from the image.

Then I used layers and states to develop the timeline.

The finished product can be viewed here: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crn3FdW1ZJ.

Starting Over

So this latest cold snap took our last hive. So we have an opportunity to start over and plan how we set up our bee yard knowing what we know now.

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Going to MakeICT to Make!

I love my makerspace. It was closed for a while because we bought a building and moments after we moved, COVID happened.

As a result, I haven’t been able to go there and just make.

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Address Sign

So we have a lovely bog porch, but it is fairly plain.

We’ve gotten rid of the trees that block the view from the porch. But it’s still plain.

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Book 7 and Kitchen Waste Garden

So I read my seventh book.

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So one of the things I got for Christmas was a hydroponic system. I finally got it up and running today. I now have peas, arugula, lettuce and radishes growing in our office.

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Book 6

Because of course I’m going to read this.