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ATL to the Cape. Girardeau, that is.

We started our day heading northwest out of Atlanta. We stopped at the Rail Tunnel, that first connected Atlanta to the north.

All good things…

We had to go home eventually. I’ve wanted to go to Savannah since, like, forever. At least since Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. We parked at one end and rode/walked to the other. Sightseeing and shopping. The Mercer house.

Attempted Kayaking

The next day was supposed to be a kayaking excursion among the salt marshes. Of the five of us, two made it. One peeled off sick early, and the Husband and i peeled off because the going was too rough. We went through a… Continue Reading “Attempted Kayaking”

Hilton Head Day Two

Day two of Hilton Head was Daufuskie Island. I’ve wanted to go to Daufuskie for a while now. It’s this island off of HH that was a settlement of freed slaves, and it has its own culture, cuisine, and charm.

Hilton Head Day 1

We got settled into the condo, and made our way down to the ocean ocean ocean. I’m such a little kid when it comes to that. Our view from the condo.

Birmingham to Hilton Head

We had even fewer stops, as we were running a little behind on our trip. But we had a good time nonetheless and are here! It threatened to storm most of the way, but we didn’t get it too bad. Our only stop was… Continue Reading “Birmingham to Hilton Head”