Hilton Head Day Two

Day two of Hilton Head was Daufuskie Island. I’ve wanted to go to Daufuskie for a while now. It’s this island off of HH that was a settlement of freed slaves, and it has its own culture, cuisine, and charm.

We took a water taxi to the island – it is accessible only by boat, and generally cars are not allowed on the island. It was a bit of a rough crossing.

We were on the Haig Point Pelican. We rented a golf cart, and cruised around the island.

We started with lunch at Lucy Bell’s, which was a good idea. They were, sadly, out of shrimp and grits.

The next stop was at an artisan who makes decoration out of metal. I snuck in a picture.

It was a little rich for my blood, but oh well. Still pretty cool to watch.

Next up was the beach, for a few minutes, we weren’t dressed for the beach. But there was a cool light house/museum. On the way there we saw some cool views of the island.

Some cool details from the light house.

John Brown’s rocking chair.

Although most of the John Brown pictures in my history are holding a basketball and a Naismith trophy (I’m a KU basketball fan). He’s a figure in bleeding Kansas.

A compass.

And some of the outbuildings.

Next up was the School House. It has many things I like. (1) Coffee! And (2) Textile art. The artisans there dye with indigo grown on the island. They have such lovely scarves and linens.

I, of course, picked the one item that didn’t have a price tag on it. They’re supposed to call the Husband with a price. We will see whether that happens. But in any case, Indigo is cultivated on the island. It is indigenous to India, but can be grown in South Carolina.

Finally, we went to the farm. Chickens and goats!

It, sadly, was time to get back to HHI. The boat ride was a bit less rough on the way back, since we were going with the wind and the current. Dinner was grilling out at the condo, and games after dinner. All in all, a fantastic day!

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