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My Favorite Places in my Favorite Place (Part 2, Activities)

So it’s been a bit since I posted. Life. But I want to continue this post. So the next set of places are places to do stuff.

My Favorite Places in my Favorite Place (Part 1, Landscapes)

My favorite place is Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park. But what are my favorite places in the park? Let’s look at them…

Oh For Goodness Sakes

So I “sprained” my ankle last week. And it still hurt. So I go to the walk-in clinic, where they take some x-rays. Yep. Broke the *other* ankle. This one at least isn’t displaced.

Coming Home

All good things must come to an end. So we had to say goodbye to the cabin and start for home.

Holy Subaru Batman!

Our lovely weekend at the lake was stymied by the weather. It rained all night on Saturday night and all day Sunday. So we went on the Legacy Trail scenic drive. It was a mite boggy.


The good news I’d we like kayaking. The bad news is we aren’t graceful when we get in and out. I managed to both fall in the lake *and* skin my knees. CW: blood.

Birthday Trip

So it is the Husband’s birthday, and we are taking the kayak to Lake Kanopolis. We’ve driven around the lake a few times, and always wanted to spend more time here. So we hopped into the Subaru, who is fulfilling her life’s purpose-hauling a… Continue Reading “Birthday Trip”

Tractor Maintenance

So our little Kubota was starving for fuel. The diagnosis is that there was something blocking the outflow of the fuel tank. So he spent the weekend taking it apart, and is putting it back together.

Presented Without Comment

Had a lovely day delivering eggs to our loved ones. Sat on the porch (masks, social distance, yadda, yadda) with Prairie Peacock and chatted while The Husbands consulted about the bee structure that we are building. Her husband is an amazing woodworker, and was… Continue Reading “Presented Without Comment”

We Own a Kayak

Ever since we bought the Subaru, we’ve been joking that we need a kayak to bring it to its full potential. Our interest in actually getting one comes from our trip to Kanopolis State Park. You can paddle up the Smoky Hill River and… Continue Reading “We Own a Kayak”