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Birthday Trip

So it is the Husband’s birthday, and we are taking the kayak to Lake Kanopolis. We’ve driven around the lake a few times, and always wanted to spend more time here. So we hopped into the Subaru, who is fulfilling her life’s purpose-hauling a… Continue Reading “Birthday Trip”

Tractor Maintenance

So our little Kubota was starving for fuel. The diagnosis is that there was something blocking the outflow of the fuel tank. So he spent the weekend taking it apart, and is putting it back together.

Presented Without Comment

Had a lovely day delivering eggs to our loved ones. Sat on the porch (masks, social distance, yadda, yadda) with Prairie Peacock and chatted while The Husbands consulted about the bee structure that we are building. Her husband is an amazing woodworker, and was… Continue Reading “Presented Without Comment”

We Own a Kayak

Ever since we bought the Subaru, we’ve been joking that we need a kayak to bring it to its full potential. Our interest in actually getting one comes from our trip to Kanopolis State Park. You can paddle up the Smoky Hill River and… Continue Reading “We Own a Kayak”

Getting a Taxi in a Small Town

So the Husband is in the hospital for a few days and I’m holed up in a nearby hotel. I’ve got the car here, but am not supposed to drive. Prairie Peacock dropped me off at the hospital yesterday, so I needed a ride… Continue Reading “Getting a Taxi in a Small Town”

Step It Up South America!

Giggle. I looked at my stats for last year, and my map made me giggle. I’ve got good coverage in Europe and Asia, a smattering of folks from Africa… but no one from South America! Clearly I need more southerly-facing content. I’ve been in… Continue Reading “Step It Up South America!”

Waconda Forever

It’s been a week. Had a cold, which in this time of stupid pandemic tricks, is terrifying. But never had a fever, just chills and sweats and general crappiness. So we went to Lake Waconda for my birthday.

Czech it Out

For my birthday, we are doing another COVID-19 conscious road trip. We set out mid afternoon and promptly got stopped by a train.

I Like Big Basin, I Cannot Lie

In addition to the beautiful flowers, we had a wonderful day of exploring. We ended up going to see Big Basin, Little Basin, and St. Jacob’s Well. These are waaay off of the beaten path. We took the road less traveled. The big basin… Continue Reading “I Like Big Basin, I Cannot Lie”


After a nice night at the house, we set off for our second day. We headed out into the Gypsum Hills. There were some lovely wildflowers. Baldwin’s Ironweed. Purple Coneflower Threadleaf Sundrop Purple Poppymallow And lots more… And even better, we came home to… Continue Reading “Wildflowers”