Getting a Taxi in a Small Town

So the Husband is in the hospital for a few days and I’m holed up in a nearby hotel. I’ve got the car here, but am not supposed to drive. Prairie Peacock dropped me off at the hospital yesterday, so I needed a ride home.

Tried Uber, no one driving. Lyft, no dice. Called a taxi, and they weren’t driving on Sunday. Called the other taxi service and they could be there in 45 minutes. Ugh.

So I went downstairs after 30 minutes and waited. And waited. And waited. Apparently they went to the wrong entrance. Then tried the right entrance. Gave up after one honk. Note: I was sitting where I could see the lot where they would be, and didn’t see them.

Anyhow, I called back and they sent another car. The only image of their cars online was this.

This is *much* nicer than the car they sent. The car was even older and crappier. The air freshener was overwhelming, and didn’t quite cover up the cigarette smell.

This must have been one of the driver’s first days, because there was a trainer with her, her driving was tentative, and she didn’t know where the Hampton Inn was located.

And it was expensive. The six-block drive (extended a few blocks because she didn’t know where the hotel was) was $10.

But, I got back to the hotel, and had dinner delivered.

Watched a show that was lovely. It’s called Home Town. A couple helps first time home buyers renovate a house in their small town of Laurel, MS. They buy from local business owners, and make some really cool stuff.

Plus the whole rejuvenating of a small town speaks to me for some reason.

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