My Leg Saw It’s Shadow

Six more weeks of walking cast.

But, we get to go home today. Back to yummy eggs, my own bed, and the kittens. With any luck, they will pick up the bed and wheelchair and I can get my library back to being a library.

I had to postpone physical therapy until Friday, since finding transportation was such a cluster. The silliest part? I could see the rehab place from the Husband’s hospital room. But it was too far of a walk.

Upon release, we went back to the hotel and ordered dinner. Glad to be closer to home. I’m so glad for the internet-we used Uber, UberEats, Instacart, and DoorDash. I booked extra nights at the hotel on the app. Not the best time for it, but we solved this problem by throwing money at it. We will figure it out later.

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