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Beef Jerky

So the Husband wanted to make beef jerky. I picked up some seasoning at the feed store and eye of round at the grocery store. it ended up being sooo simple.

New Peeps

So we got our new peeps this week. Of course on the busiest possible day. Our Honda is in desperate need of a brake job, and the parts aren’t in yet, so we’re down to one fully operational car. We both have 8:30s in… Continue Reading “New Peeps”

Key Lime Cheesecake

So I am making a key lime cheesecake for Easter. I’ve never made a cheesecake before, so here goes. Start with a stick of butter.


The new bees are here! The new bees are here! I had a plan. It was a good plan. The bees were due to arrive on Saturday, and we would pick them up on Sunday morning. Yeah. That can’t happen. We must always install… Continue Reading “Newbies!”

Hatch 2: The Broody?

We may have another hatch coming. A few days ago one of our Easter Eggers started brooding. There are at least two eggs under her. She’s in the goat shed under a board between two bales of straw. it’s as good of a place… Continue Reading “Hatch 2: The Broody?”

Disappointing Hatch

The hatch was a bit of a letdown. Out of twelve eggs we got three chicks. A fourth died while trying to hatch. On the other hand, my beloved Jayhawks won the National Championship. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

Hatch Day 2022

Hatch day is here! We started the day great! With two of the unsure ones pippin and zippin. But, thus far, all we have are those two. We will keep them going through the weekend.

Chicken Math

There’s a concept in hobby farming called “Chicken Math.” I have fallen prey to this concept. I really only wanted ten chickens, but if god wanted me to have twenty, then forty it is… It started out so simple…

Final Candling

My insomnia is resolving itself into the medieval practice of two sleeps. I sleep for a couple of hours, wake up and am productive for an hour or two, then I sleep the rest of the night. My Fitbit watch sleep sensor is flummoxed.… Continue Reading “Final Candling”

MakeICT Open House Finished

I’m exhausted. We had the MakeICT open house and market, we had at least 150 people come through (I am not keeper of the stats). Between Prairie Peacock and I, we sold over $200 worth of products. Wow!