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The High Cost of Being Sick

So the Husband was more or less in the hospital for a week. That’s going to wipe out his deductible- which, yay free health care for the rest of the year (for both of us, I blew through mine with my surgery) – but… Continue Reading “The High Cost of Being Sick”

My Leg Saw It’s Shadow

Six more weeks of walking cast. But, we get to go home today. Back to yummy eggs, my own bed, and the kittens. With any luck, they will pick up the bed and wheelchair and I can get my library back to being a… Continue Reading “My Leg Saw It’s Shadow”

December Financials

I continue to look at finances. December is always going to be expensive. But, when I take out the anomalies – Christmas, annual renewals, tractor repair – I’m within $100 of November actual expenses. My goal for January remains to cut back on grocery… Continue Reading “December Financials”

The Green Stuff

A confession: I’m not great with money. There are a lot of reasons for it, but the main one was that there were a few years where I had very little income, and even thinking about my situation gave me a panic attack. I… Continue Reading “The Green Stuff”