The Quarter of Suck

So, as I mentioned before, it’s been a rough few months. A cancer diagnosis (a good kind), a lost job. Well, things have not necessarily looked up.

Next up was the transmission in the Subaru. It died at a crossroads in town. A little embarrassing. Fortunately, it was daytime, a nice day, and smart phones exist. And I’ve got good neighbors. Three dudes pushed my car off the road, and numerous people stopped to check on me.

With my phone, I was able to find my insurance people to arrange roadside assistance (best $1 I spend each month), make an appointment at the Subaru dealer, arrange a rental car, and diagnose the problem.

God bless the internet. As my friend Rick used to say, “The only tools I need are a phone and a credit card.” I am fortunate, though, my parents helped, because a transmission is expensive, y’all.

Next up was a broken tooth. I must have bit down funny, because my wisdom tooth broke. *sigh* My hatred of all things dental is well known. I had that to do.

Then the worst day (thus far) happened. The Ides of March got us. let’s start with a meme.

Now, the Husband and I met late. We both had full and rich lives before we met. We both loved and lost. Well he found out that his first love passed away. It was a shock, and he feels so strongly. It’s part of what I love about him.

So, I offer to help take care of the animals with him. And I’m glad I did. I am a little behind him and i suddenly hear a heart-wrenching wail. I rush to comfort him, thinking that he is grieving his friend. But nope.

You see, it was so windy that day, and our chicken coop is tall slender structure.

It had blown over in the wind, and crushed sweet Ivy.

You know how they talk of moms lifting cars off their babies? The Husband lifted the coop off of Ivy. She was gone. The vet said it was probably very quick, and she didn’t suffer.

But still, she was one month from her due date. We miss her terribly, her joy at seeing us in the morning, her impatience at feeding time, and the way she’d lay down between us when we were out in the yard.

So on Friday, I happened upon someone selling a pregnant goat on Facebook. I probably overpaid for the goat, but I totally underpaid for making the Husband smile.

Here’s to a (hopefully) better Q2 in the Goad Household.

One Comment on “The Quarter of Suck

  1. I love your writing so much Kate – so deep, so real. My heart is hurting for you.


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