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The Quarter of Suck

So, as I mentioned before, it’s been a rough few months. A cancer diagnosis (a good kind), a lost job. Well, things have not necessarily looked up.

Christmas Presents

So, I didn’t post before, but my Christmas presents this year were kinda cool. One of the things that I like to do is pick some craft, or product, or something. So this year I had two maker spaces to choose from.

My Favorite Places in my Favorite Place (Part 2, Activities)

So it’s been a bit since I posted. Life. But I want to continue this post. So the next set of places are places to do stuff.

Outdoor Dining

So, one of our favorite things to do in the before times was go to the Yoder chicken auction. There are not only chickens, but other animals, as well as random stuff. Early on, someone had cedar planks for sale. Just a bunch of… Continue Reading “Outdoor Dining”

Christmas in Quaranisolation

Yet another holiday without family. I stole the name of my state of being from my brother-in-law who has had a different drink every night since things shut down in March. We all have the things we do to pass the time. I colored… Continue Reading “Christmas in Quaranisolation”

Weekend Rummikub

So during the quarantine, my sister and my mom have been playing a game of spite and malice every day. A couple of mo this ago we added a Sunday game of Rummikub. Rummikub is a family favorite. During a Rummikub game, one of… Continue Reading “Weekend Rummikub”

Christmas Presents

So some of my crafts haven’t been posted, because I didn’t want to spoil it. “Now, Libby, don’t tell Aunt Jane and Uncle Greg what we got them for Christmas.” Three minutes later… “Hi Uncle Greg, we got you a shirt!”

Christmas With Prairie Peacock

So my good friend Catharine (Prairie Peacock on insta) and I had our annual gift exchange. We are both crafty sorts. I started a blog so I could show my projects, Catharine started insta to show her soaps.

The Wedding

The whole reason we were in Park City was the wedding. My cousin married her one true love. It was a wonderful weekend of love and family.

More Park City

Another beautiful day in Park City. The sunrise from my writing nook.