Outdoor Dining

So, one of our favorite things to do in the before times was go to the Yoder chicken auction. There are not only chickens, but other animals, as well as random stuff.

Early on, someone had cedar planks for sale. Just a bunch of raw cedar. Maybe 10 or 15. I immediately wanted them. Really really bad. I had sort of an idea of what I wanted to do with them.

For the Husband’s birthday when we still lived in Warrensburg, Missouri, we went to a beer and cheese pairing at the lovely Green Dirt Farm.

This is their waaaaay cool barn.

So the table was reclaimed barn wood on simple saw horses.

Just lovely. So I thought this cedar could be good for this too.

It was fairly simple, we chose the closest in thickness and length, and cleaned them up. The Husband took good pictures of each.

Then, he decided to make a more robust table for the planks to set on. Simple, made of scrap, but sturdy.

We had some family over (again, in the before times) for dinner, and set the table under our big tree.

It turned out pretty great.

How did I manage not to take pictures? I’ll post once we have a get together after everyone gets vaccinated.

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