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Dinner Planning

So, we started doing Hello Fresh again. It is good for when we need it. I started going to the gym on a regular basis this fall, which led to a challenging schedule. I’d get off work, go to the gym, work out, come… Continue Reading “Dinner Planning”

Beef Jerky

So the Husband wanted to make beef jerky. I picked up some seasoning at the feed store and eye of round at the grocery store. it ended up being sooo simple.

Key Lime Cheesecake

So I am making a key lime cheesecake for Easter. I’ve never made a cheesecake before, so here goes. Start with a stick of butter.

More signs of spring!

Before my surgery, I did a walkabout on the property. Everywhere I go, there are signs of spring.

Peanut Butter

We made a boatload of peanut butter this past weekend. It’s really simple, and costs much less than store-bought. We started with five pounds of peanuts from Amazon.

Trying Blue Apron

So my (hopefully last) surgery on my ankle is in a couple of weeks. The pain is starting to get to me enough that housework is a trial. So I figured I’d try another meal kit service. This time it is Blue Apron.


Since I had goat milk, I figured I’d try goat yogurt. I searched around for a good sous vide recipe. I am weird about leaving it out in a cooler overnight. But a sous vide where I can micromanage the temp, I’m good!

Amuse Bouche – Goat Cheese Edition

So one I made the goat cheese, I had to make something with it. I already had a dinner plan, so what to do? Make an amuse bouche.

Goat Milk

So I found a source for some goat milk nearby. Since we decided not to breed our does, we don’t have milk. Although, one of our does was filling out enough I had to google “pregnant goats.” It is really obvious when a goat… Continue Reading “Goat Milk”

Brussel Sprouts!

So, my garden was hit and miss this year. Injuries and depression do not make for a great garden. Certain things, however, did well. Mainly the ones that thrive on neglect. One of which is Brussel sprouts. I planted four plants, and decided to… Continue Reading “Brussel Sprouts!”