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First Attempt at Macarons

So, since I have celiac, my decent pastry options are limited. I also have a tendency to go all-in, especially if it involves new gear. I decided to try macarons, because they aren’t worse off by being gluten-free. They use almond flour. We also… Continue Reading “First Attempt at Macarons”

Preserving Lemons

One way to brighten a dish is to add preserved lemons. They are ridiculously simple and pack a punch. They keep in the fridge for months. Start with a small jar, two lemons and salt. Many recipes are for large jars, but we don’t… Continue Reading “Preserving Lemons”

My Pretty Lunch

I made a salad today with the beets from our box. A little labor intensive, but good. Started with a beet, three mushrooms, and a shallot. Sliced the mushrooms and diced the beet and shallot. Roasted the beets and shallots in olive oil, salt,… Continue Reading “My Pretty Lunch”

Misfits Market-Part 4

So, I didn’t quite get what I ordered from Misfits Market, but it wasn’t too far off. Kale instead of chard, beets instead of celery, and a different kind of apples. That’s the nature of boxes like these. You don’t always get exactly what… Continue Reading “Misfits Market-Part 4”

Delicata Squash Frittata

We got two delicata squashes in our box this week. I did a bit of research, and a lot of the recipes seemed to involve roasting and pork products. There was a frittata that looked pretty good, so I decided to make a squash/Italian… Continue Reading “Delicata Squash Frittata”

Kale Chips

I got kale in my vegetable box. We are not huge kale eaters, except for kale chips. They are easy enough.

Misfits Market – Part 3

I was always a bit skeptical of the Sunday delivery date. So on Sunday I looked at the expected delivery date and it was Tuesday. No biggie, holiday weekend and all that. Looked again this morning to grab a photo for this, and yay!… Continue Reading “Misfits Market – Part 3”

Peanut Butter

One of the things we make for ourselves is peanut butter. It’s pretty easy, and makes good peanut butter without the preservatives and such. First buy a boatload of peanuts on Amazon, or wherever you buy your stuff. We get ten pounds at a… Continue Reading “Peanut Butter”

Misfits Market-Part 2

So today I could build my box. I was planning on doing it right at 3, when I could start doing it, but that didn’t happen. So by 6:30 the selection was okay. Note to self, do this at 3 next time.

Misfits Market-Part 1

So we are trying a new thing. In the past we’ve done a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). If you’re unfamiliar-it is a subscription for produce from a local farmer.