Trying Blue Apron

So my (hopefully last) surgery on my ankle is in a couple of weeks. The pain is starting to get to me enough that housework is a trial. So I figured I’d try another meal kit service.

This time it is Blue Apron.

Initial thoughts, way more packaging than Hello Fresh.

I got four meals. The options weren’t as good either.

But I’ll give it a try. We started with the chicken with sherry sauce.

It was good. Easy enough to make, although I was befuddled by the choice to do carrot sticks in the recipe. I cut them into rounds.

The next one was the steak with green beans. I freestyler even more with this one, since I mistook the gnocchi on the picture for potatoes. So we swapped that for baked potatoes.

Last night was the chicken and rice in chipotle sauce. I did my own thing on this one too. I added apple cider vinegar for zip, and used chicken stock for my rice.

All in all, I’m going to try this for a few weeks, and then back to regular cooking, I hope.

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