Since I had goat milk, I figured I’d try goat yogurt. I searched around for a good sous vide recipe. I am weird about leaving it out in a cooler overnight. But a sous vide where I can micromanage the temp, I’m good!

Started with about a half gallon of goat milk and a carton of plain yogurt.

I slowly brought the temperature up to 180 degrees in a makeshift double boiler.

Once it makes the temperature , added ⅔ of the container of plain yogurt. And whisked.

Once it cooled to about 110 degrees, I put it in half-pint jars, and closed them to finger tight. fired up the sous vide at 43.5 degrees C.

Once it got to temperature, I added the jars.

Left it cooking overnight and moved them to the fridge to cool.

I ended up with 8 half-pint jars of yogurt.

I made one with almond, vanilla, and honey yesterday. Today’s breakfast was yogurt with strawberries, peaches, and honey.

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