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Beeswax Wraps, Take Two

So I didn’t like my first beeswax wraps. They didn’t hold their shape, and weren’t flexible enough. So I decided to try again. The result was pretty good, although slightly discolored.


I’m certainly not perfect, but I try to be as much of an ally as I can. Most of the time, I have a seasonal wreath on my porch, and in June, it is always the colors of the pride flag.

Back in Beesness!

We busted our butts and finished the bee structure just in time.


This year’s hatch may be a bust. The temperature on the brooder is jacked, and it was a little cool for a while. It may be laggy, it may just not happen. Or maybe it will go great and I’m just pessimistic. Asparagus count:… Continue Reading “Lockdown!”

Bee Fountain

Back in 2018, I was playing with ceramics and decided to make a skep fountain. It was an early attempt, so it’s a bit lop sided, but I made it.


So there’s this dress pattern I love… Except for one thing. The neckline is soooooo wide. I need to wear a tank to hide bra straps wide. So I decided to fix it.

New Purse

So in the before-times, I carried a big bag. It was cute, and me and I like it. Gray canvas with birds screen printed on it. Anyway, then the pandemic, and the broken leg/ankle/ankle. I started using a back pack.

And the Flowers and the Trees

Today was gorgeous out. And I was released from the boot (weaning off). So I took breaks outside.

Date Night For Nerds

So we had a date night last night. MakeICT class on 3D printing and takeout. We went into Wichita on a rainy Friday night.

Going to MakeICT to Make!

I love my makerspace. It was closed for a while because we bought a building and moments after we moved, COVID happened. As a result, I haven’t been able to go there and just make.