Accountability Post

So now that I’m a lady of leisure (for the moment), I’ve got to figure out what to do next. There are things I have to do every day, and things I should do X times a week.

There are also larger projects to make progress on. And some fun stuff too.

Just kidding. I need a margarita from the kiddie menu. That thing was huge.

So daily tasks.

Every Day

  • Look for jobs. This is the most important part of this. Every day I have to do a reasonable amount of applying for jobs. I’m averaging about five applications a day.
  • Clean. Getting the house in order is both a daily task and a larger project. My plan is to work my way towards the door. Starting upstairs far from the stairs. Clean a room, then move on to the next one.
Rule for cleaning. Everything moves forward towards the door. The only things that go backward are items that have a permanent place in the earlier rooh. For example: the paper shredder was in the guest room. It should live in the office. It can move backwards into the office. But the extra comforter cannot go back, because it's permanent spot is in the linen closet, which is after the guest room.
Forward Ho!
  • Dishes. We got a little behind, so dishes every day until we’re done. Same with laundry.
  • Declutter. Liberally use the “to be donated” box. If it isn’t going to be donated because we use it, albeit rarely, that’s what the basement is for.
  • Do something creative or learn something. Can be a hobby, learning a skill, even practicing with software. I’m working on two training modules to improve my Rise (authoring software) skills.

Most Days

  • Kitten maintenance. Clean the litter box. This has never really been my task, but I’m home… so.
  • Go to the gym. I’m cutting back on lots of things, but I’m still paying for the gym. It makes me feel better, look better, get healthier, helps me sleep, and helps with anxiety. Worth. Every. Penny.


  • Work on beeswax wraps. I have a boatload of fabric. I’ve got a new system that I think is an improvement.
  • Learn to drywall. We have a hole in our wall that needs to be fixed. Imma learn how to fix it.
  • Plan garden for the year. I’ve got a bunch of things to get done. And now I have the time to do it.
  • Work on my dinner planning system. I think that if I make it complete, it might have a market? Same with an idea about Kansas travel. Going to noodle on those ideas a bit.

Of course, all of this might be for nought. I put blue highlights in my hair and as I did it I joked that I’d totally get an interview now. And I did. Two actually. One for a job I want, and one for a stopgap job. I’m pretty sure that if I do a couple of things (a test and some certifications), I could start work the next day at the stopgap. My interview lasted fifteen minutes, most of which we talked about the systems that we used to use and mutual friends.

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