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Getting Started With Chickens – Gear

Now that you know how many chickens you can have, it is time to gear up. You will need a lot of stuff. First a brooder box. We’ve had a few different brooders. We started with a cardboard box, we’ve used a plastic tote,… Continue Reading “Getting Started With Chickens – Gear”

The Pod Project

I’m going to take a little detour today… Good morning friends! I need your help sharing an idea. Some friends and I have created The Pod Project, to help facilitate free distance learning in community resources like churches, libraries, and rec centers for students… Continue Reading “The Pod Project”

New (To Me) Podcast

So I’ve been listening to a new podcast lately. One of my favorite things is Shakespeare. And my favorite Shakespeare is Henry V. Not the bombastic St. Crispin’s Day speech, or even Harfleur. I love me some dark night of the soul Harry. Anywho…

Working Remotely

So one of the really great things in my world is that I work remotely. I have a very specific set of skills that appealed to an organization that was looking for an instructional designer a couple years ago.

Design Challenge #2 – Make Ethics Less Boring

In our world, you have to have at least two hours of ethics training each year. Year after year it is either a dry recitation of the law, or the same scenarios. Blah blah blah. So I was in a training where they showed… Continue Reading “Design Challenge #2 – Make Ethics Less Boring”

Design Challenge Final

So here are links to all of the training pieces.

Design Challenge Part Five

So I had a lot of meetings and social stuff to do, so not a whole lot of time on the project. But I’ve got two new pieces done.

Design Challenge Post Three

Eh, it’s more spurts of working than actual days. I wrote learning objectives and came up with delivery methods. I should note that the idea for this challenge came from the Six Week ID Challenge from Cara North at the Instructional ReDesign Podcast, and… Continue Reading “Design Challenge Post Three”

Design Challenge

I don’t usually blog about work, since mostly this is a blog about the stuff I do for our hobby farm. But, I’m lucky enough to have a remote job for a non-profit. I write training for tax professionals. We are, as most nonprofits,… Continue Reading “Design Challenge”


I love me some podcasts. I listen to several. Here’s what I’m listening to now: