Elearning Challenges

So one of the things I like about my career is the ability to create training. I love to try new technologies and tools. Now, my proposed work this year is more in program management, so there’s less development. There’s still some, but not as much.

So, my plan is to keep current by participating in the Articulate eLearning Challenges. I don’t have Articulate, and don’t really have the money to buy it (although, there’s a possibility on the horizon. *fingers crossed*). But I can make do with planning ideas, and using other methods to achieve the same goal as the challenge.

This week is

My concept will be a map of barbecue joints in Kansas City. I’m planning on doing what is called “Working out Loud” which means I’ll blog about the process I used and how I made decisions. Let’s see how this works as we go through the year.

First, I gathered my data. I’m in an active Facebook group (unrelated to food, but often tangents into food discussions). So I posed the question – what is your favorite BBQ joint, what are they famous for, and is there a quirk or tip we need to know?

100+ responses later, I narrowed the list to nine popular restaurants. So I found a KC map, and started my work. I liked the aesthetic of a black and white photo with an overlay for text. One of the comments was one of my favorite Calvin Trillin quotes, so I added that. I can’t seem to upload my pdf, but I do have a screencast of me walking through the pdf.

Interactive Map Challenge

Stay tuned for each week’s challenge.

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