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ELearning Challenge – Timelines

In this installment of the eLearning Heroes Challenges, we are making a timeline for something. My brain went immediately to a timeline for Ged, the main character in the Wizard of Earthsea books. These books were my favorite when I was a little kid,… Continue Reading “ELearning Challenge – Timelines”

Elearning Challenges

So one of the things I like about my career is the ability to create training. I love to try new technologies and tools. Now, my proposed work this year is more in program management, so there’s less development. There’s still some, but not… Continue Reading “Elearning Challenges”

Blue Sky Day

Have to travel for work. My usual plan is to leave as early as possible to avoid delays. Alas, the odds are not in my favor. Flight late, getting me to Chicago after my next flight leaves. So I declare a blue sky day.… Continue Reading “Blue Sky Day”

Staying Accountable on Day Four

In Design Challenge 2, I have to write a journal with sufficient content to get 2 hours of CPE from NASBA. I calculated in a tool that I need 8,050 words, and 30 exercises in order to qualify for 2 hours of CPE.

Design Challenge #2 – Make Ethics Less Boring

In our world, you have to have at least two hours of ethics training each year. Year after year it is either a dry recitation of the law, or the same scenarios. Blah blah blah. So I was in a training where they showed… Continue Reading “Design Challenge #2 – Make Ethics Less Boring”

Design Challenge Final

So here are links to all of the training pieces.

Design Challenge Part 7

I finished strong today. By yesterday, I’d finished all of the things but one. Today was the hard one. I’ve sort of used storyline but not much. Just enough to be able to confidently say I could learn it when I interviewed for my… Continue Reading “Design Challenge Part 7”

Design Challenge Part Six

I was dead tired when I got back to the hotel, so I didn’t do anything but read Twitter. But much progress was made yesterday.

Design Challenge Part Five

So I had a lot of meetings and social stuff to do, so not a whole lot of time on the project. But I’ve got two new pieces done.

Design Challenge Part Four

I’m traveling to the home office this week, and am trying to do most of this work using my own resources, so the flash cards were done before I left town.