Design Challenge Part 7

I finished strong today. By yesterday, I’d finished all of the things but one. Today was the hard one. I’ve sort of used storyline but not much. Just enough to be able to confidently say I could learn it when I interviewed for my job two years ago.

What I wanted to do was create a quiz that only gives you five seconds to answer. Because you should be able to rattle off the exceptions to the tax on early distributions from retirement plans if you’re sitting at the tax desk.

Between the help video from Storyline, and some googling, I got it done!

I showed my boss, who liked what she saw. It folded nicely into our “how can we best use Kate’s skills” meeting that we had earlier in the day.

More innovation, wider range of work, and some additional non-content-related work. My goal of not spending 100% of my day creating content is coming to fruition.

I’ll post my stuff and my sources when I’m not sick and/or traveling.

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