Design Challenge Final

So here are links to all of the training pieces.

01 UDC I chose an infographic, so that it could be reviewed easily. The top is the requirements at a glance, and the bottom has more detail. Used Piktochart to create the infographic.

02 Filing Status The filing status flowchart is a decision tree that walks through what filing status a client can use. The information is straightforward, so a simple decision tree is enough. I used InDesign.

03 Covered Securities The covered securities infographic shows what types of securities are covered when. It shows what parts of the Form 1099 are relevant, and gives a little insight into the reason why some things are excluded. I used InDesign.

04 Last Month Rule This interactive .pdf is a short quiz on how to calculate the excess contributions for the Last Month Rule (they’ll know what this is). The nice thing, is that you can hit reset, and use it to calculate for other clients. I used InDesign and Adobe Acrobat.

05 Cancellation of Debt Income The next decision tree shows whether cancellation of debt income is taxable. This is not an intuitive concept, so a job aid is helpful. InDesign (and reusable content).

06 Reporting HSA Contributions Next up is a short video walking through how to report various types of HSA contributions. It is specific for the software, but still works. I did not edit this, and there’s some extraneous stuff near the end. Used Screencast-O-Matic to record, and UltraTax for the tax software.

07 Due diligence The next .pdf is an interactive .pdf discussing the four requirements for PATH Act Due Diligence. Power Point and Adobe.

08 Choice of Entity The next chart is a Venn Diagram. Those who know me know I love me some Venn Diagrams. This can be shown to a client to discuss the relative merits of various types of entities. PPT.

09 Flash Cards Next we have flashcards for W-2 codes. These are things that you should know immediately, so flash cards is a good way to provide that repetition that is needed for rote memorization. Because I’m a nerd, the level of difficulty reflects the relative rarity of tools in Fortnite.

10 Exception Quiz This quiz is on the exceptions to the penalty for early distributions. This is information a tax pro should have at their fingertips, so I included a 5 second limit on each question. I think I re-recorded it with the answers not randomized. If not, I changed it after I did the video. I created the quiz in Storyline and took the video with Screencast-O-Matic.


And that’s the challenge! My next challenge is brewing in the back of my mind. I’ve started on some ethics training, and have a couple of games in mind.

Now back to your usual cats and farming.

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