Lifelong Learning

So one of the things that is most significant in my character is my love of learning, It informs many of the things I do, whether it is work, hobbies, what have you. So I was enticed by an ad to get Wondrium with my Christmas money. it used to be the Great Courses.

I love it! Both of us have used it for a number of classes. so far, I’ve taken at least part of:

  • Modern Homesteading
  • The Story of Human Language (John McWhorter was/is my nephew’s professor at Columbia)
  • Ancient Mesoamerica
  • Ancient Civilizations of North America
  • Identity in the Age of Ancestral DNA

I think I might have been an anthropologist in a prior life. Or my next one.

If you have time, money, and inclination, it’s really cool. I haven’t really explored the whole list, but I haven’t ever looked and *not* found something interesting,

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