Month: September 2017

On Napping

Today was a migraine day in the middle of a migraine week. Bleah, But, I was caught up a bit on my work, so I decided to, instead of staying at my desk through lunch, take a nap. It was my favorite environment for… Continue Reading “On Napping”


So most of the posts are cool things about living out here in the country. Yesterday was an example of the downside. You see, we’re on well water. Which means an electric pump. And we’re in the country, so maybe not quite the rush… Continue Reading “Downside”

An abundance of tomatoes.

So I went a bit nuts at the farmer’s market. There were just so darn many tomatoes that looked delicious. So I ended up with a whole lot of tomatoes. One broke, so there were fruit flies, so I *HAD* to make something with… Continue Reading “An abundance of tomatoes.”

Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 2

So I’ve talked about food production – gardening, berry patch, chickens.  As a larger part of our goals of living light on the land and self-sufficiency, we chose to pay a higher price to have our energy come from wind (an option with our… Continue Reading “Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 2”

Farm to Table (with a pass through the kitchen)

Friday night we had a lovely dinner at Elderslie Farm. 

Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 1.

I’m just a girl. Sitting here. Watching my chickens forage in my yard while I eat breakfast on my porch.

We Don’t Need No Stinkng Sodastream!

We were going through a lot of soda and other bottled or canned drinks. I’d been drinking more water, but I missed the fizz. Being nerds, we built our own soda stream.

Wisconsin Fall

I flew into Wisconsin on Sunday. Last time I was here (in the summer), there was some sort of festival, so when I drove through this little town called Port Washington, there were people ev-ver-y-where. Not really my scene. But I decided to come… Continue Reading “Wisconsin Fall”

Wisconsin End…

Since I’m working backwards at this point, we will go with the drive/flight home from Wisconsin, instead of the flight/drive to Wisconsin. I telecommute to my job, but four times a year, I go up to be seen, have face to face meetings and… Continue Reading “Wisconsin End…”

Working Backwards… Adventure Day!

So originally, I was going to recover from a week of travel by staying home and lounging, but I woke up at like 6:30 (dammit), so I went into town with the husband. He went to a Tormach(?) class at MakeICT, and I ran errands.… Continue Reading “Working Backwards… Adventure Day!”