We Don’t Need No Stinkng Sodastream!

We were going through a lot of soda and other bottled or canned drinks. I’d been drinking more water, but I missed the fizz. Being nerds, we built our own soda stream.

for reference, a regular soda stream costs around $100ish.

You will need:
1 five-gallon keg (we expanded to two) $100.
1 CO2 tank $50
1 keg regulator $50
1 gas line assembly $12
1 keg tap $12
Attach the regulator and hoses. Open the keg, and fill with ice water. Check everything. Turn on gas and rock the keg back and forth for a few minutes. We keep the gas off to minimize leakage, and carbonate as needed.

CO2 and regulator

So for just a bit more than double the initial outlay, you can have a huge soda stream that lasts forever. We’ve had this since about 2013, and refilled the CO2 tank maybe twice. That’s not bad.

A word of caution though, every now and again, you’ll have to flush the system, otherwise…

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