Self-Sufficiency Goal – Part 1.

I’m just a girl. Sitting here. Watching my chickens forage in my yard while I eat breakfast on my porch.

I had a dream last night about foraging for fiddleheads and morels. I should find a place on the property to make that happen. (Yeah, I know then it isn’t technically foraging). We have so many ideas for how to make our place more self-sufficient. Part of that is getting a larger variety of foods.

I’m going to put in apple trees, pecan trees, and sand hill plums. I’ve got the spot for the sand hills – DIE Peonies DIE! Now I just need to figure out strategy. I think we’ve got a good spot, but it will require removing some small cedars. Which I’m totally okay with, because we have, like, 37 other cedars. Then we have to amend the soil, because that hasn’t been useful land for a while. But… my homesteading books talks about raised beds for fruit trees. That would fix the soil issue. Food for thought.

In other news, the husband goes back to work tomorrow. Soon to be a two income family again! Damn cats aren’t pulling their weight. Chickens are starting to, but we aren’t quite at full tempo yet. I assume at some point it’s going to be like Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory.

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