Month: September 2019

Egg Watch 2019 Has Begun

We hatched a sixteen chickens 19 weeks ago. So it’s high time they started earning their keep. Pullets gather, and now my watch begins… I am the watcher on the porch swing. I am the heater that burns against the cold, the light that… Continue Reading “Egg Watch 2019 Has Begun”

Food Fail

So you may recall that I did a cabbage tether ball. My chickens: So I took it down, and it just sits there getting old. No one has touched it. Someone remind me of this if I do it again.

Beautiful Night

There were storms coming that resulted in some lovely pictures. I shall post them because I have terrible insomnia this week. I managed to register no sleep on my Fitbit on Sunday night, and a whopping 3 hours last night.

Honey Harvest

So apparently we should have been feeding our bees a month ago. Our supers had no action, so we took them off and put in some feeding frames. Sadly, this meant that we had to pull and harvest four frames. Oh, damn. /sarcasm

Vintage Market

Down the street we have neighbors who run a vintage market every fall.

Pressure Cooker Chili Verde

So we got a pressure cooker, not an instant pot, but close. We made dynamite chili verde and rice and beans for dinner.

Chicken Tetherball

So I finally made a chicken tetherball. Easy enough, take head of cabbage (or half, if your husband bogarts the other half to make sauerkraut).

Trying this again —

So I made a restraining last year from some hatch chiles and it was a pain. This year I tried again, and we will see how it works.

A Day at the Fair!

I went to the Kansas State Fair today. I haven’t been for *muffled number* years, but figured I ought to since I’m on the Travel and Tourism Council. Last time I went it was approximately 300 degrees and I was hungover. We spent some… Continue Reading “A Day at the Fair!”

Three Layers Again

Frances, being a good chicklet mom stopped laying for a while. But it’s been a month, and I think she’s back at work.