A Day at the Fair!

I went to the Kansas State Fair today. I haven’t been for *muffled number* years, but figured I ought to since I’m on the Travel and Tourism Council. Last time I went it was approximately 300 degrees and I was hungover.

We spent some time yesterday planning our strategy to get in and out as fast as humanly possible. So we went to the fair this morning … and two hours later *gestures widely*

The key, I think, to us enjoying the fair is to be there when people aren’t. We went at about 9 am on a Sunday, when people are either sleeping in or at church. It was kinda dreary and chilly, so it was perfect!

Got our tickets and ready to go!

They have the most. boring. tram. ever.

But we started with the sheep and goats, of course. We saw the kids showing – something not even thought of at my high school in the city.

The sheep were cute. Although we saw one get sheared, and she was so upset that it bothered me.

Then it was on to the birthing center, where they have baby animals, and I would imagine some of them are born during the fair.

They had chicklets hatching

But the main thing is BABY GOATS!!!!!

I took about 347 pictures of these three baby goats.

On to the chickens, which were interesting. None as pretty as our Noahs, though.

They did have some polish chickens, which we named Iggy Pop

And Elvis

And this guy just made me laugh.

Imma make me a Mother of Dragons t-shirt.

And because I love CJ Cregg…

The butter Wizard of Oz!

This first weekend they had an Explore Kansas expo, where we got lots of tourism information to go into my Adventure Box. For my birthday, we are going to do one of the weekend adventures.

Then it was a quick run through the goats again, because Gooooooooooooooooats!

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