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One of Everything

We drove partway back from Colorado today. We hit it all. Icy roads, snow, dust storms, crazy ass winds. I half expected frogs or locusts next.

A Drive in the Park

Yesterday was the first Park day. I love Rocky Mountain National Park. It is my happy place. And my favorite mountain (to view), Mount Ypsilon.

Makerspace Tours

Yesterday we decided to go down to Fort Collins (I love Fort Collins) and hang around. We go through the Big Thompson Canyon, which is just majestic af.

Snowed In

We came out to have a quiet thanksgiving. We just beat the snow.

Continued Throwback

So we got to the hotel. It was lovely, the staff always left fresh flowers in our rooms. Breakfast was delicious. Coffee and watermelon juice. Oatmeal with pomegranates, wada, hash browns with tomato compote, and leftover veggies and rice from the night before. Pretty… Continue Reading “Continued Throwback”

TBT and Diwali

I’ve been watching a show on PBS about the history of India, and really have been thinking a lot about a work trip I went on in 2016. It was amazing. We had some team members in Bengaluru, India, and my colleague and I… Continue Reading “TBT and Diwali”

A Day at the Fair!

I went to the Kansas State Fair today. I haven’t been for *muffled number* years, but figured I ought to since I’m on the Travel and Tourism Council. Last time I went it was approximately 300 degrees and I was hungover. We spent some… Continue Reading “A Day at the Fair!”

The Wedding

The whole reason we were in Park City was the wedding. My cousin married her one true love. It was a wonderful weekend of love and family.

Guardsman Pass

Yesterday we decided to go on a scenic drive. We started in Park City, and headed south (maybe? Directions here are not cemented in my brain yet).

More Park City

Another beautiful day in Park City. The sunrise from my writing nook.