TBT and Diwali

I’ve been watching a show on PBS about the history of India, and really have been thinking a lot about a work trip I went on in 2016. It was amazing. We had some team members in Bengaluru, India, and my colleague and I went to do some training and team building.

I’d never left the country before. So this was international travel – throw Kate into the deep end edition.

The perils of being short. My feet didn’t reach the foot rest in business class. #ohthehumanity

So technically I’ve been to Germany. But only the United Lounge.
It was a bit disconcerting to wake up to, “Hey, I’m over Iran!”

But we had a warm welcome.

We stayed at the Taj by Vivanta on MG Road.

It was a lovely hotel. It was across from a mall, which I spent too much time in.

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