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PMP’n Ain’t Easy

For the first time since <year redacted> I’m taking a standardized exam. I used to *rock* these. As in studying not one whit and getting 99th percentile. Passed the bar on the first try. So the last couple of years I’ve been flirting with… Continue Reading “PMP’n Ain’t Easy”


So four weeks ago I broke my leg and ankle (in two places)! This put a stop to everything for a bit. I had surgery and am back home. I have a knee scooter thingy. It is a lot quieter than the walker. On… Continue Reading “Update”

Waconda Forever

It’s been a week. Had a cold, which in this time of stupid pandemic tricks, is terrifying. But never had a fever, just chills and sweats and general crappiness. So we went to Lake Waconda for my birthday.

Czech it Out

For my birthday, we are doing another COVID-19 conscious road trip. We set out mid afternoon and promptly got stopped by a train.

Pickled Radishes

There were some lovely radishes today at the farmer’s market this morning.

It’s Always an Adventure With Us

So the Husband and I are members of a non-profit makerspace. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase an old elementary school for the space. As they prepare the space (slowed by Coronavirus), they had some lockers that they were going to… Continue Reading “It’s Always an Adventure With Us”

I Like Big Basin, I Cannot Lie

In addition to the beautiful flowers, we had a wonderful day of exploring. We ended up going to see Big Basin, Little Basin, and St. Jacob’s Well. These are waaay off of the beaten path. We took the road less traveled. The big basin… Continue Reading “I Like Big Basin, I Cannot Lie”


After a nice night at the house, we set off for our second day. We headed out into the Gypsum Hills. There were some lovely wildflowers. Baldwin’s Ironweed. Purple Coneflower Threadleaf Sundrop Purple Poppymallow And lots more… And even better, we came home to… Continue Reading “Wildflowers”

Getting Lost

We decided to have a weekend out with COVID precautions. Road trip off the beaten path, and staying at an Airbnb. It was lovely to get out of the house, and we came into contact with people four times total (potty stops).

Road Tripping in a Pandemic

We’ve been good. We’ve stayed in, worn masks, I haven’t hugged my parents since March. But the Husband’s birthday is this weekend, and I usually plan an event rather than give a gift. We’ve gone to a beer and cheese tasting, on a surprise… Continue Reading “Road Tripping in a Pandemic”