Well, Crud. Wear Your Sunscreen, People.

Wear your sunscreen. Work gave us the entire week between Christmas and New Years Day off. So being the responsible adult that I am, I scheduled all of those appointments I’d been putting off.

At my checkup with my PCP, I asked for a referral to a dermatologist to look at a spot on my face. Everything else got rearranged to accommodate it (even a long awaited Indian lunch buffet with Prairie Peacock). She took one look at it, said we need a biopsy, and started talking about basal cell carcinoma.

Well, it came back positive. So I’m scheduled for removal on Thursday. Not too bad, from biopsy to gone in two weeks (hopefully). Risk factors for BCC are:

✅ Blonde

✅ Blue-eyed

✅ Pale

✅ Freckles

✅ Over 50

✅ Spent time in the sun (former swimmer, current hobby farmer)

✅ Family history

Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long. It’s the good kind? I suppose? I admit it felt kind of stupid when the next doctor asked if I had a history of cancer and I had to say yes. Because it feels a bit like I am a poser.

But in any case, I’m wearing sunscreen every day, and you should too.

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