Month: March 2020

Just Super!

The dandelions are blooming which means one thing, time to stop feeding the bees for the winter. They have callery pear and apple trees are blooming, and we have daffodils. S food enough for the bees. Since the one remaining hive really did well… Continue Reading “Just Super!”

All I Learned About Planting Potatoes, I Learned From Watching The Martian

This year I’m trying potatoes for the first time. Hopefully it will work. Planting two different types, Kennebec, and Norland.

Book 18 – Great Influenza

Really really good. Really really scary. Prescient, and terrifying.

The Hatchening – The Beginning

Started our spring hatch today. I thought it was a 12 egg incubator, but it’s only nine.

Olive the Other Rein… Chickens

So the rest of the chickens are pretty nondescript. They are varying shades of gray to black, and I can’t tell them apart. I don’t even really know how many there are of these chickadees. They are (presumably) Frances’ chicks with Noah as a… Continue Reading “Olive the Other Rein… Chickens”

Hospital Masks

So I’m filled with anxiety about coronavirus. Two things I do to help my anxiety are to learn as much as I possibly can about my fear, and try to help others. In that vein, I’ve talked to a local hospital about whether they… Continue Reading “Hospital Masks”

Hatch-fest 2020

We are stuck here on the farm… well, I am. But we’re about to get some chickens in the mail in 4 weeks, so we are readying our hatch. We usually do a hatch of 12 eggs from our flock, and an order of… Continue Reading “Hatch-fest 2020”

Book 17 – The Testaments

This was really good, even if I think they retconned a certain character. But the it’s Margaret Atwood’s character, she knows her best. It took me a minute to get the characters straight. But if you pay attention to the chapter headings, you can… Continue Reading “Book 17 – The Testaments”

Quarantine Activities

Update on some things… I hate needlework.

Victory Gardens

As the news catches up with scientists (they’ve been worried for weeks), I’ve been thinking about victory gardens.