Victory Gardens

As the news catches up with scientists (they’ve been worried for weeks), I’ve been thinking about victory gardens.

Is anyone else thinking about increasing their food production? I’m trying new things – potatoes, if we can find seed potatoes anywhere; beets; and increasing the number of other veggies. I’ve put in berries and left out squash for the chickens so that I’ll have volunteers. We put mushroom plugs in a log last summer, and I hope they will spawn.


The apples are blossoming.

We are selling our excess eggs, too. I have had an uptick in inquiries, but won’t deliver. I suspect that will be popular for a while. The less we can be in the grocery store, the better.

I feel anxious all the time now, but planning by growing food will help. I haven’t left the property in a week. I am thankful for the three acres we have now, so I can at least get out and walk. Stay home. Stay safe. Look at the flowers and birds.

2 Comments on “Victory Gardens

  1. How timely. I was just out in my garden marveling at my chard and collards that are growing back from last year.


  2. I was actually JUST thinking about increasing my garden space this year because of what’s going on.. It’s scary what’s happening, but thank goodness people like us have our property’s to walk around on and gardens to keep us busy. Stay safe out there. ❤


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