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Getting Started With Chickens – Eggs

So you’re a few months in and starting to wonder then these ladies will start to earn their keep. All the books say four months. In my experience, it’s more like six months. Not sure if it is something we are doing wrong, but… Continue Reading “Getting Started With Chickens – Eggs”

Getting Started With Chickens – Housing

You’ve got your chickens, they’re fed and watered and growing. They’re about ready to move to their permanent home. There are a lot of options for you. How fancy you go is entirely up to you. Our first coop.

This Week

Ugh, this week. I’m sad, angry, and embarrassed. I was going to write every day, but this week got me down. Our democracy was in peril. Because the worst person in America is president for *checks watch* 11 more days. And he’s brainwashed millions.

Getting Started With Chickens – New Chicks

Now that you have your new setup, and you have your new chicks, what now? First of all, I highly recommend getting a nanny cam to watch them, because they are very cute.

Getting Started With Chickens – Types

There are hundreds of chicken breeds. Everything from basic Leghorns to fancy pants Silkies. For getting started, I’m a fan of basic.

Getting Started With Chickens – Gear

Now that you know how many chickens you can have, it is time to gear up. You will need a lot of stuff. First a brooder box. We’ve had a few different brooders. We started with a cardboard box, we’ve used a plastic tote,… Continue Reading “Getting Started With Chickens – Gear”

Getting Started With Chickens – Homework

Thought it might be fun to write about how to get started on chickens.

All the Single Ladies

Are laying right now. It is beautiful. We no longer have a blue layer, but we have at least one green layer, and someone appears to lay mauve eggs. I suspect a blue x darker brown egg, maybe the cuckoo Marans. And our black… Continue Reading “All the Single Ladies”

Christmas in Quaranisolation

Yet another holiday without family. I stole the name of my state of being from my brother-in-law who has had a different drink every night since things shut down in March. We all have the things we do to pass the time. I colored… Continue Reading “Christmas in Quaranisolation”

Next Year’s Chickens

So we had a bit of an Abokalypse a while back. The spring chickens are over in the (future) goat pen. The adults are by the garage, where we started our chicken coops. The teenagers (summer chicks) are also there. …or were