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Chicken Time

Yesterday was a blowy, rainy, yucky day. But it warmed up and cleared up in the evening. We had a busy day indoors, so it was nice to go and sit with the chickens.

They’re Here!

Got a call bright and early this morning that our chicks were at the post office. Very early. And I’m suffering the effects of dose two of the vaccine. But there’s a coffee shop, so I can get some energy.

Well, Crud

So now that we have the bees settled, it is on to the birds. The hatch was a fail. Nothing hatched. At 25 days, I finally gave up and dumped the remaining eggs.

Hatch Day?

Today was supposed to be hatch day. We aren’t sure how much the failing incubator harmed the hatch. It is running cold. Nevertheless, we have three internal pips. I get excited every time I see a notification that there was movement, but it is… Continue Reading “Hatch Day?”


This year’s hatch may be a bust. The temperature on the brooder is jacked, and it was a little cool for a while. It may be laggy, it may just not happen. Or maybe it will go great and I’m just pessimistic. Asparagus count:… Continue Reading “Lockdown!”

Busy Day

We skipped our usual Sunday jaunt to MakeICT, in order to work on the bee structure. However, we had ten (!!!) dozen eggs to get rid of. We are going to have to start paying people to take them. My brother was non-specific about… Continue Reading “Busy Day”

Chicklets: TNG

We started 12 eggs on the 19th. The incubator is starting to fail a bit, so it may be a laggy hatch. Our external thermometer reads about 34 instead of 37, and the incubator is up to its highest temp. May be our last… Continue Reading “Chicklets: TNG”

The Golden Hour

Last night was just glorious. I went out to collect eggs and feed the chickens. First off, aren’t our eggs beautiful? Dottie was there to make sure I told you. Lou was feeling left out. So I took him a treat. And fed the… Continue Reading “The Golden Hour”

Starting Early

I couldn’t stand it. We had our 12 eggs (which don’t quiiiite fit in the incubator) all ready to go, so I started them on Friday night, instead of Saturday. This will be good as we need to pick up our bees on the… Continue Reading “Starting Early”

And the Flowers and the Trees

Today was gorgeous out. And I was released from the boot (weaning off). So I took breaks outside.