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Finishing the Lockers

If you recall, we bought some lockers at MakeICT a few months ago. Many things came up and they sat unfinished by the Quonset Hut. We have a few more to finish. We start with one like this. Then the Husband grinds off the… Continue Reading “Finishing the Lockers”

Egg Cache

For a couple of weeks, I wasn’t getting as many eggs as I thought I should. Not sure if it was hot, cold, wet, dry, whatever that was making them not lay.

Alright, Alright, Alright

That’s what I love about these High School chicks man, I get older, they stay the same age. – Wooderson So Noah II has started hanging out with the teenagers. They are juuuust reaching adulthood.

On the other hand…

We started getting eggs from the spring peeps. One, maybe two, are laying white eggs. So I think maybe leghorns. Woohoo!

Alas , Poor Buffy

I knew her Horatio. A chicken of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. Good night sweet princess.

Bully Pulpit

So we put our purchased peeps in with the hatched peeps. All went reasonably well for the first couple of days. The new peeps stayed below in the pen, and the hatched stayed with mama in the coop proper.

…And I will love her and pet her and name her Buffy.

From the first day, Buffy the Wormslayer has loved Lou. And Lou loved Buffy. Well, I believe they are not going to be as close. The Husband went out to let out the chickens and feed Lou Thursday morning. He came crack with Buffy.… Continue Reading “…And I will love her and pet her and name her Buffy.”


We have been enjoying our new puppy. We love him, and he loves us. So much so that we are in an escalation battle to keep him in his yard. Good thing he is cute.

Chicken Report

So people ask how many chickens I have. I usually say around 40, which is as it turns out is low. We have several cohorts of chickens.

Even More Peeps

So far Summer has hatched three eggs… although the last one she didn’t sit on them much. It was warm enough in the coop to incubate.