The Hits Just Keep On Coming

So yeah, 2023 has not been stellar. First we get a (minor, but still) cancer diagnosis. Now I’m back in the job market. Boo.

The good news is that I have lots of time for projects? Let’s do a quick roll call on our animals.

I think she might be pregnant, y’all.

We start with the goats. Our oldest is Violet. She smiles a lot, and is veeeerrryy slowly learning that she can be pet without dying.

Next we have Iris, who is recovering from some hoof issues.

Clover is next, and she’s got a lot of personality.

And finally, Ivy. Hopefully pregnant with twins. We go to the vet for a sonogram next week.

We also have somewhere in the vicinity of 25 chickens. They don’t have names anymore, really. Because 25. And chickens.

We have somewhere between 3 and 5 Roos right now. We didn’t have any (we thought), so I bought two at the chicken auction.

Shortly thereafter, I heard a crow. Yay, one of the two is crowing! Um, no. It was one of our other chickens. Bummer. On the other hand, the ladies seem to be laying again after a few weeks of nothing.

Lou still continues to be big and floppy.

We have one or two barn cats-Orion and Artemis. We got them and put them in a large cage in the Quonset hut to acclimate them. We went back an hour later and they both released themselves on their own recognizance. We haven’t seen Artemis since, but Orion lives in and around our garage.

Finally, we have our indoor cats, Cleo, Ari, and Demeter. Cleo doesn’t like the press, so no pics of her. I think I put Ari together wrong.

And Demeter and I now have a routine where we watch kittens every night before bed.

Lots of cool stuff to write about, so keep watching this space!

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