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Pregnant or Fat, Final Round

Today was the day! We got up early to take Ivy to the vet to see if she was pregnant. Pretty huh? Pretty early.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

So yeah, 2023 has not been stellar. First we get a (minor, but still) cancer diagnosis. Now I’m back in the job market. Boo. The good news is that I have lots of time for projects? Let’s do a quick roll call on our… Continue Reading “The Hits Just Keep On Coming”

Drones and Trail Cams

We are always looking for ways to watch the animals. This Christmas we got some cameras and a drone. Expect goat videos this spring.

Ivy and her Boyfriend

We got our act together this year (on some things-we’ll talk about the orchard later) and took the plunge into goat breeding. Around October, my Facebook goat group starts to look like Backpage. We discussed breeding last year with a guy, but never got… Continue Reading “Ivy and her Boyfriend”

Ugh. It’s been a while.

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted. Lots going on. First thing, I’ve got a new job! It is an e-learning design firm, and I’m a project manager. We had a good summer, but pretty busy. We are getting ready to take Ivy… Continue Reading “Ugh. It’s been a while.”


Since I had goat milk, I figured I’d try goat yogurt. I searched around for a good sous vide recipe. I am weird about leaving it out in a cooler overnight. But a sous vide where I can micromanage the temp, I’m good!

Goat Milk 2: Snoodle Doodle Boogaloo

I found out that Elderslie Farm, the farm that produces my favorite cheese (and dinners, and blackberries, and, and, and…), started selling goat milk. It was spendy, but it’s a reliable source.

3D Printing Parts

As you know, my good friend Prairie Peacock makes fabulous soaps. One of the things that she wants to do is to be able to add shapes to her soaps. So I built her a die to fit her extruder.

Amuse Bouche – Goat Cheese Edition

So one I made the goat cheese, I had to make something with it. I already had a dinner plan, so what to do? Make an amuse bouche.

Goat Milk

So I found a source for some goat milk nearby. Since we decided not to breed our does, we don’t have milk. Although, one of our does was filling out enough I had to google “pregnant goats.” It is really obvious when a goat… Continue Reading “Goat Milk”