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Research Time

So now that we have healthy goats, we need to figure out our next steps.

Pretty, But Dumb

Clover is our prettiest goat in my opinion. Also our smallest. But she is definitely not the smartest goat in the herd.

So We Bought a Couple Kids

Iris and Violet – two older nannies. Although I misgender Violet about once a week. Violet frowns on such shenanigans.

Goat Dealing

So we got a new goat. Yay! She’s adorable and named Clover.

No Does

So we went to the chicken auction yesterday in search of a doe kid. Nothing but Billys and wethers. Well damn.

Advanced Auctioning

So right after we were done with the Farmers Market, we went to the livestock auction. We were waaaaaay out of our league.

It’s Been a While

*Sigh* It’s been a while. Between work, physical therapy, and the baby goat, I’ve been swamped. But I’ve got a few things for this week coming up. We will have goat content, farmers market content, and some crafting. For now, we have Daisy. She… Continue Reading “It’s Been a While”

Hooray Vaccines

We are finally two weeks past our second vaccine. And boy did we take advantage!

Sooo… We Lost Our Cool at the Chicken Auction

We are suckers. There was a little goat who had a bad leg. She was cute and made little happy goat sounds. So now we have a goat. He name is Oopsy Daisy, because that’s what I said when I put her in her… Continue Reading “Sooo… We Lost Our Cool at the Chicken Auction”

When to Give Up

So we have been building a fence to keep goats. For about two years. It goes in fits and starts, as we have time, health, and good weather.