Chicken Math

There’s a concept in hobby farming called “Chicken Math.” I have fallen prey to this concept.

I really only wanted ten chickens, but if god wanted me to have twenty, then forty it is…

It started out so simple…

We started keeping chickens in 2017. We had four chickens, bought from the feed store, thinking this will keep us in fresh eggs. That was enough for now.

Two months later, we bought another eight, at the chicken auction.

In 2018, we added hatching eggs to our repertoire, and added another 12.

2019, saw the introduction to Meyers Hatchery. Between that, the auction, and two hatches, we added 23 chickens. We added 26 more in 2020, and 27 in 2021.

This spring we have six new chickens bought at auction. We have twelve in the incubator and twenty on the way from the hatchery.

Chicken math.

One Comment on “Chicken Math

  1. Hehe, I know all about chicken math! Then you graduate to chicken algebra where you start adding up cost of feed, cost to run the incubator, how many eggs you can sell, how many chicks and pullets you can sell and how much to charge (do you offer delivery? no, that costs too much)… it works out to something like: a+b+c<abc=x+y+z<xyz=a+b+c. 😄


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