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MakeICT Open House

Just one week until the MakeICT open house! Come tour our new digs and shop at the market. I’ll be there with eggs, honey, and lots of other stuff.

Incubator Review

So our incubator went kaput last spring mid-hatch. We bought a new one with Christmas money. Last Friday I broke it out for a new generation.

First Candling 2022

I started my eggs on Friday night, and had insomnia on… well… every night since, but that’s unrelated. In any case, I was up and bored at 2 am last night, so I did my first candling of the season. It was actually pretty… Continue Reading “First Candling 2022”

Getting Ready for the Hatch

It’s about that time again! We are four weeks out from my chicks coming from Meyer. Since I’m having surgery next Friday, I’m starting this today.

Getting Ready for Spring

It’s March, which means I’m getting antsy for spring. We have a lot of good things awaiting us. But we also have a lot to do.

Chicken Auction – Selling

So you’ve heard about the Chicken Auction. We’ve bought a ton of things at these. Held once a month on the last Friday, we like to go as often as we can. Before, all we’ve done was buy stings. But this time was different.

Research Time

So now that we have healthy goats, we need to figure out our next steps.

So We Bought a Couple Kids

Iris and Violet – two older nannies. Although I misgender Violet about once a week. Violet frowns on such shenanigans.

Trio of Tiny Vegetables

You can always tell when I’ve been watching Top Chef, because I make things like a trio of tiny vegetables amuse bouche. As I was watering, I noticed that the fairy tale eggplants were ripe, and that there were two squash blossoms ready, and… Continue Reading “Trio of Tiny Vegetables”

Just In Time!

So we have a broody hen (actually three, but we aren’t letting two of them keep eggs). She’s been in the upper left corner of the nesting boxes.