Getting Ready for the Hatch

It’s about that time again! We are four weeks out from my chicks coming from Meyer. Since I’m having surgery next Friday, I’m starting this today.

I’ve got my eggs chosen.

Four Easter Eggers, four light eggs (either Polish or Salmon Favoralles), and three Black Copper Marans. Hopefully we will have a better hatch this year. Last year, the incubator failed mid-hatch, so we didn’t get any chicks.

Here’s our new incubator.

We also may (may) have a broody. When I went to check on eggs this afternoon, a Buffy was in the place in the goat shed where they like to lay. When I went out to feed the goats this evening, she was still there. We will see what happens!

ETA: nope. Just hanging out.

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