Incubator Review

So our incubator went kaput last spring mid-hatch. We bought a new one with Christmas money. Last Friday I broke it out for a new generation.

It’s just your general cheap-ish basic incubator. It has temperature control, an egg turner, and a built-in candler.

Things I like:

  • Pretty precise, we have a small weather station we use to spot check humidity and validate temperature p.
  • Bigger. It can fit a full dozen without jamming things up enough that I worry that they won’t get turned.
  • Built-in candler. Definitely convenient for candling assuming you can candle where you keep the eggs. Frees up your hands for taking pictures.
  • Easy to see inside. The plastic is thinner, which makes it easier to see in.

Things I’m not fond of:

  • It would be nice to be able to use the candler away from the incubator. The location of the incubator means I have to wait until dark to candle eggs, instead of going into an interior bathroom to candle during the day.
  • No humidity sensor. My next one needs to have a humidity sensor.
  • Top isn’t easy to get on tightly. It is sort of flimsy on top, and you have to kind of wrangle the sides to get it in on in the grooves. The old one was easier,

All in all, it’s okay, not awesome, not terrible. We will see how long it lasts.

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