First Candling 2022

I started my eggs on Friday night, and had insomnia on… well… every night since, but that’s unrelated. In any case, I was up and bored at 2 am last night, so I did my first candling of the season. It was actually pretty cool!

So I’ve got them numbered from M1 – M4 (Black Copper Marans – dark brown), E1 – E4 (Easter Eggers – blue), and F1 – F4 (Salmon Favoralles – light brown).

Cool thing? I think I saw heartbeats! It is theoretically possible that my eyes were messing up, but I think I saw it.

The video sucks, but the yolk seemed to pulse.

I’m trying a new system this year. One to three dots. One dot if I think it is a blank or can’t tell a thing. Two dots if I think it is fertile, and three if I’m pretty sure it’s fertile. The blues are tough. I’m getting better at the dark browns.

March 14:

  • M1: 3
  • M2: 3
  • M3: 3
  • M4: 3
  • E1: 1
  • E2: 1
  • E3: 1
  • E4: 3
  • F1: 3
  • F2: 3
  • F3: 2
  • F4: 1

I’ll keep track of the eggs to get better at figuring out which are fertile,

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