MakeICT Open House Finished

I’m exhausted. We had the MakeICT open house and market, we had at least 150 people come through (I am not keeper of the stats). Between Prairie Peacock and I, we sold over $200 worth of products.


The day started early, getting all of myself organized. Those Hello Fresh/Blue Apron boxes are great for transporting fragile/refrigerated things.

We got set up by ten, and I was so busy that I totally didn’t take any pictures. I’m hoping that Malissa Long, who did the PR for the event, will post some soon.

It was a looooong day. Farmers markets are not usually all day long. But I talked to adults, some of them even strangers, more or less happily. And got to hang with PP, which is always good.

We ended up selling all of our eggs, all of our honey, seven bars of soap, several wraps, some catnip, two lip balms, and a candle. Not bad.

As usual, my market business is mainly to support my market habit, and this day was no different. I bought from a variety of vendors, including Tyra Grace of Vintage Watercolors, Malissa Long of ML Wear and a couple of folks from the South Kansas Woodturners.

My wares from the market. Two watercolors, a wooden bowl with a bee, a ceramic colander, a fiber art piece, and a small bag. Not bad!

I even won one of the raffles and got the cool egg shaped box at the bottom.

It was a fun, if exhausting, day.

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