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Our Loss is Your Gain

So, like most of the country, we had a ridiculously cold couple of days. Sadly, our hives didn’t survive. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we now have four five-gallon buckets of honey and wax. So, yay?


The new bees are here! The new bees are here! I had a plan. It was a good plan. The bees were due to arrive on Saturday, and we would pick them up on Sunday morning. Yeah. That can’t happen. We must always install… Continue Reading “Newbies!”

MakeICT Open House Finished

I’m exhausted. We had the MakeICT open house and market, we had at least 150 people come through (I am not keeper of the stats). Between Prairie Peacock and I, we sold over $200 worth of products. Wow!

TOMORROW – MakeICT Open House

A reminder for my local readers that the MakeICT open house and market are tomorrow.

More signs of spring!

Before my surgery, I did a walkabout on the property. Everywhere I go, there are signs of spring.

MakeICT Open House

Just one week until the MakeICT open house! Come tour our new digs and shop at the market. I’ll be there with eggs, honey, and lots of other stuff.

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that we potentially have honey to sell soon. The bad news is that it is because one of the hives didn’t make it. So instead of my regularly scheduled programming of cleaning and helping the Husband with the goat shed… Continue Reading “Good News, Bad News”

Getting Ready for Spring

It’s March, which means I’m getting antsy for spring. We have a lot of good things awaiting us. But we also have a lot to do.

Best Batch Yet

Im preparing for the summer farmers market season and a market at my makerspace. I’ve been amassing cuts of various cute calico fabric for beeswax wraps.

Bee Update

A couple of weeks ago we had a nice day, so we decided to open up the bees, feed them, and see how things were going.