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Feeding the Bees When You Are Married to a Biologist

In the winter, we have to feed the bees every week. It’s a relatively simple process. Heat water, pour onto sugar, and stir. That is unless you are married to a Biologist.

New Years Intentions

No resolutions for me. Just intentions. 1. Be sustainable. I intend to go as long as possible without buying new clothes. Either sew my own, or alter the ones that I have to fit. I intend to take care of the garden and livestock,… Continue Reading “New Years Intentions”

Busy Busy Busy

Hoping to get back on track with writing. I miss it. So it’s been a while since I checked in. I have a whole lot going on.

Honey Harvest

So apparently we should have been feeding our bees a month ago. Our supers had no action, so we took them off and put in some feeding frames. Sadly, this meant that we had to pull and harvest four frames. Oh, damn. /sarcasm

Well boo.

One of our colonies declared their independence. We are down to two colonies. Don’t know what happened to the hive, but they seem to not have taken to the new brooder box. No dead bees, just… no bees.

All Around the Mulberry Bush

I think maybe we have a mulberry bush behind our beehives. Which would be awesome! I’m currently trying to identify the tree.

Just Super!

Our new bees are thriving thus far. Our old hive wasn’t so bad either, so after checking on them on Sunday, we put on a brooder box on one of the new ones, and a super on the old one.

None of Your Beeswax

So when we cleaned out the hive that died, we harvested no honey, but a bit of beeswax. I rendered some of it and learned some lessons.

Beekeeping at Night

After swearing off beekeeping at night, we once again did it. We bought two new hives, which we had to pick up at twilight, so it was dark by the time we got home.

Upside to Colony Collapse

We had to say goodbye to the colony. As we were pulling it apart, we were able to grab some samples. The Husband is an amazing photographer, and a microscopist, so at least we have cool pics.