Second Farmers Market

We did another Farmers Market this weekend. I think a once-a-month cadence will work for us.

This week we added a couple of new things to our wares.

In addition to our usual eggs and honey, we added creamed honey, beeswax wraps, and catnip.

We sold a *lot* of the creamed honey. Which is easy to make and delicious. I should have taken pictures of the process. But that is for another day.

We had a metric $#1t-ton of catnip, so I harvested it and dehydrated it.

We sold a couple, but have a lot left.

They took some selling, but the beeswax wraps almost sold out!

I think having two colorway options would help. This also used a different, easier, and better method. Results were fantastic. The key is a mini crockpot… as it usually is.

We ended up making about twice what we made last time. So if current trends continue, we should make $184,320 in the next year. Or maybe we shouldn’t expect to double sales every month. Lol. But it was fun, and we made more than we spent, so go team!

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